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    Default SWA500 Stopped Working?

    I have an SWA500 powering the larger Polk-compatible subwoofer, wall mounted. Fed from a Yamaha RX-A1000 out of the "subwoofer out" jack on the back of the receiver. It worked fine on installation but at some time not too long ago I noticed the subwoofer was not working. I just climbed into the attic with a DVD playing with lots of bass and sure enough, no "boom boom boom" coming from the subwoofer itself. SWA500 power is "on", same result with "standby-auto-on" switch in any position.

    Any comments appreciated before I call Polk tech support first thing Monday morning.

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    Hello sking43,
    Welcome to Polk's forum. Probably a good thing to do would be to turn the volume down on the SWA500, then go to the rear of the Yamaha and remove the cable that leads to the Polk. Then connect this cable to either the right or left audio output of your DVD or CD player. Then start playing a CD and turn the volume up a small amount on the SWA500, you should hear plenty of bass coming from your subs.
    Regards, Ken

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