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Thread: Bad Tweeter?

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    Default Bad Tweeter?

    H ow do i check to see if my tweeters are blown? RT1000i.
    Lately the highs aren't crisp any more. Tried to listen to see if their was any sound coming out, but who can tell, the midrange is so close. I also don't have a tool to remove that speaker to see if I could isolate the tweeter.
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    I was having a problem with my Rti38. One of the tweeters was popping for some reason. Then i took the cover of and blew on the tweeter thinking it may have been dust build up. After a day it went a way. Doesn't seem like there is a problem anymore. Does anyone know why that happened.

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    Bad breath?
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    Use a paper towel tube to isolate the tweeter, and take a listen.

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    The cardboard tube is a nice, simple trick.

    Recently Ken S., Polk CS guy, has also recommended using a pillow to muffle the other drivers.

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