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    Default Help pricing - pair of DA-2's and a C-2

    Hey everybody, new user here. As the title says, I need some help pricing a pair of DA-2 amps and a C-2 from SoundStream. I am mainly looking to sell locally to avoid dealing with shipping, but am considering listing on ebay and possibly forums due to lack of local interest. I am interested in pricing to sell, but while not sacrificing too much gain. If local, I am thinking of $450 for the pair of DA-2's (provided they are in decent operating order) which have no aesthetic blemishes, but am stuck on the C-2 (maybe $300?). The down side to my deal is that I do not have any of the cables or remotes, as they've been lost since putting them in storage after a remodel and update six years ago.

    If anybody is willing to offer some input on local pricing, non-local with estimated shipping, or has any interest in making an offer themselves, let me know. If you're interested in making an offer, I also have some other components from the same time frame (ranging anywhere from 3 Fosgate FS-400's, to Crestron home theatre control equipment).

    Any help is greatly appreciated, and thank you for your time and assistance.

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    Savage, Welcome to CP.

    One of the rules on this forum is that you need at least 100 posts prior to selling items on here.

    So please go ahead and make some friends and start, and join in on, some of the great conversations here.
    And when you are at 100 posts, you can then offer your gear for sale on CP.


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    The price sounds about right for the DA-2s. They are very nice amps. They are not that heavy and should not be too bad to ship, but around $450 with buyer paying shipping should be fine. (Local sale may have to be a little below $450.)

    The C-2 is a bit harder to guess on, but given the prices of similar vintage sound processors, I think $300 is a little too high. Honestly, with the C-2 you are probably best off just putting it on eBay and hoping for the best.

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