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Thread: 4ohm stable AVR

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    Default 4ohm stable AVR


    I currently running a full LSi 5.1 setup powered with a Adcom GFR-700 AVR for my center and surrounds. The two front towers are powered by an Adcom 5802.
    I'm looking for a newer AVR that is 4ohm stable to power those 3 speakers properly. Someone recommended me to look at the Cambridge Azur 650 AVR. I was hoping someone had experience with this AVR or their line of equipment.


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    I would say look at Pioneer SC series of receivers. The ice powered avr's do better with 4 ohm speakers. Aside from that, maybe a better solution is looking into a 5 channel amp. No receiver will completely do power hungry 4 ohm speakers justice. Just sayin'.

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    I'd also consider Rotel, Nad, Anthem, Arcam or the SC series Pioneer. It depends on your budget and features you want.
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    I'll second the recommendations on the Rotels and Arcams as I don't have experience with Nad or Anthem. Are you just looking to consolidate? My local dealer (who is a trusted friend) sells the heck out of Arcam AVR360s to customers that don't want separates on their racks.
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    If I were looking for a new AVR that is 4-ohm stable, and delivers its continuous rated power into ALL channels driven simultaneously, I would seriously consider the Cambridge Azur 650R. Home Theater Magazine bench test results for the 650R shows this AVR to meet its published output into all channels as specified.
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    Anthems a great avr and it has stunning results with its room correction system but it wont power the LSI unless you add an amp but its well worth a listen

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    Cambridge did some updates recently and now have 651R and 751R models out. Cambridge has always tended to lag behind other brands and have quirky DSP features, but their sound quality is excellent. Because Cambridge is using class AB amps and a relatively small power supply, they do not rate them at 4 ohm stable. The back of the 751R only specifies 8 ohm stable. Doesn't mean they can't work with the LSi's, but the manufacturer doesn't stand behind that type of usage in their user manual. Personally, I think the Pioneer SC series is a good match of LSi speakers and all of them, even the cheapest SC-71, is guaranteed 4 ohm stable because of their D3 amp design.

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