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    Default RM700 No power Subwoofer

    So, OK I'm all excited to get my system up and running for my big hangout tomorrow, but I have a problem.

    My subwoofer is not getting power, as in AC POWER. I have tried several different outlets (receptacles) and have the made sure the switch is in the "ON" position. The LED indication is not on in any case.

    The Model is a RM700 5.1 speaker set.

    I am rather knowledgeable about audio, and some electrical, but do not posses a DMM to check power.

    I read in the owners manual that there could be a fuse issue. Where is the fuse, and how do I check that without voiding my warranty?

    Any help would be appreciated. It would really suck to have to wait until Monday to address this issue.

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    If it is anything like my pws202 unit, the amp is attached to the back plate where all the speaker connections and power cord is located. You need to remove all the retention screws from the outside edge of the plate and carefully pry off the plate from the wood. (use a putty knife or similar). The speaker cord is only a few inches longer than the depth of the box so be carefull when lifting the plate not to break the leads or speaker terminals off. The fuse is located on the board adjacent to the large transformer. the fuse should just pop out of the cradle it sits in. go to an electronics store like radio shack and get s pack of replacement fuses of the same amperage, voltage and length.
    Replace the fuse and reassemble the unit. power it up and test. If it fails then the amp has some other issues (bad one's).

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    Have you emailed or called Polk customer service? They are very helpful.

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