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    Default And so it begins....

    The indoctrination has already begun....

    Advice is free, the Flea Market is earned - F1Nut

    Lessons cost money, good ones cost LOTS - Tony Beets

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    Very cute. "Teach your children well... "

    Main 2ch:
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    Other stuff:
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    Nice work.

    What is she grooving to?
    Sources: Pro-ject 2.9 wood Grado Gold cartridge; Oppo BDP-105; Amps: Anthem Integrated 225; PS Audio GCPH Speakers: Polk - LSi15's (sub mod)

    Amps: Sony - STR-DG1000; Outlaw 200 Mono; B&K Reference 200.2; Speakers: Polk - CS2, Monitor 70's, RC80i's; Video: Optoma HD20; FAVI HD-100

    Man Cave
    Sources: Sony PS-LX410, Denon 3910; Amps: Dared sl2000a, HK 3490, Simaudio Moon LP3; Speakers: Polk - SDA 2A's

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    my father was an audiophile back in the mono days to start. I still remember putting my ear up to his speaker fondly. :)
    Fronts: Polk RTiA9
    Center: Polk CSiA4
    Sides: Polk F/XiA6
    Rears: Polk RtiA3
    Sub:Polk DSWPRO 660wi

    extras: 2x JBL Monitor 4206

    AVR: Onkyo TX-NR818
    Amp: ADCOM GFA-555
    Power Conditioner: Belkin PureAV Home Theater Power Console pf60
    Roku, ChromeCast (on the way)

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    Quote Originally Posted by hochpt21 View Post
    Nice work.

    What is she grooving to?
    My dubstep station on Pandora which was when this pic was snapped playing something from "The Glitch Mob" IIRC.

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    They say playing Mozart to a baby will make them smarter -- especially in math!

    Choose that music well!

    She's beautiful!
    Family Room
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    Exercise Room
    Wadia 171i, Supernova 6 Glass Toslink
    CA Azur 840C, AQ King Cobra RCAs
    Perreaux SM6P Preamp & PMF3150 Amp, AQ King Cobra RCAs
    SDA 1Cs (Mod'd)

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