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    Default Speaker wire and banana plugs.

    Currently I am using Monster XPHP speaker wire on my RTA 11ts. Is it worth spending the money to terminate the wire with banana plugs?

    It would be easier when disconnecting, will I benefit other than that?

    If so, what type are recommended? Should I considered upgrading the wire as well?

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Hi Ian. Bplugs are more convienent for sure, but there certainly isnt any sonic advantage. I use older 12 ga monster wire as well and have had no issues. Many here are fond of bluejeans cable.
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    I like banana plugs only for the ease of connecting/disconnecting. These work great, cheap, insulated covers, double screws to hold them down:

    Otherwise, no difference to my ear. Just convenient.
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    IMHO if you connect and disconnect very often bananas would be the best option. Bare wire connections are very good, but you do need to make sure the wire is taken care of. Copper will corrode and with bare wire connections it's a good idea to "freshen" the wire every so often. By freshen, I mean cut the old exposed end off, strip the wire so you have bright wire that's not corroded to make the connection. Also, using a little Deoxit gold to help prevent oxidation of the copper is a good idea. If you decide to go with banana plugs, make sure you have the nice fresh copper wire when you install the plugs. When we make our custom cables, we make sure the wire and the connector have been treated before assembly, then seal it up as best we can to prevent oxidation. Hope this helps.
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    I don't use banana plugs. I didnt hear any improvement when i did but I have heard these are pretty good wires - U&coliid=I1VM719407CODD

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