I don't visit other forums much to be honest, but I ended up looking up some systems on another site. The setups are atrocious and everyone seems to love them, offering no positive feedback on how to get better sound out of their gear. This isn't a complaint about the gear they use, just how they set it all up. I've seen a setup that everyone loved with coffins stuffed in a corner and a bookcase 4' in front of them blocking half the speaker from sight, multiple setups with larger vintage bookies stuffed in corners way above listening height, speakers at different distances from the rear wall, and many more setups where the listening seat is well off-center for no apparent reason. I just.... don't get it. Yeah, everyone does what suits them, but positive criticism can go a long way in educating others.

I appreciate this community much more the deeper I get into 2 channel. Everyone seems to have their head on straight as far as fidelity goes and is not scared to offer strong suggestions even when it might not be requested. I'm curious now: have any of you guys ran into other forums that have a strong and well-educated community of 2 channelers?