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    Default Choices to make - need some opinions

    Okay for about the same money, I can have the crossovers in my Monitor 7C's with SL2500 tweeters upgraded, or for slightly less buy a pair of Monitor 40's with stands, or for slightly less, buy a pair of LS50's.

    I would use them for about 50% movies/tv and 50% music in a 3.0 bedroom system. The receiver is a cheap Yammy with about 100WPC, or so they say, and it does okay, but not awesome with the 7's now. It's a bedroom so I don't often play it that loud, but I know I am missing detail and presence now.

    I haven't heard anything but the 7's, but wonder what others on here think would sound best. The bedroom is about 15x15' and I would change the center to timbre match whatever I end up with.

    I am guessing the LS50's want even more power than the 7's do, so that's probably not a good choice, but I don't know about the 40's.

    thanks for any input.
    Modest HT - Pioneer VSX 821K, RT800i, CS400 center, RT25i surrounds, Velodyne CHT-10 sub, Belkin PF30.
    Bedroom - Yamaha RX-V373, Monitor 7C, CS175i center

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    LS50's no doubt.....

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