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    Default quick review AKG K142HD

    Picked these up today on sale for $80.00 CAN marked down from $200.00

    Initial impressions are that they are detailed and clear but also laidback. Not muddy but soft sounding. Good distinction between highs and mids. Bass is present, tight but not heavy like some cans. If bass is your thing look elsewhere these will not pound your skull.

    The music sounds balanced and well presented but like I said laidback sound. Reminds me of peerless tweets for vintage polk fans.

    These are semi-open so the sound is as expected a bit wider than closed back. Good soundstage that seems to span the listening domain.

    Impedance is 55ohm so maybe a bit harder to drive than others but shouldn't pose problems unless the source amp is very lower power.

    Construction is where I complain. Plastic. Lightweight, but don't drop them too many times if you catch my drift. Not totally cheapo plastic but at this price point metal would have been preferred. I find them comfortable with velvet on the ear cups. I don't have any pinching, but that one varies from person to person I'm sure.
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    to add to my last post:

    these cans benefit from power. i originally listened to them on an audioengine D1 which sounded clear and detailed but was lacking in the bass a bit. then i switched to a vintage harman/kardon 730 and these cans really started to shine with more power. i would recommend a good quality headphone amp or full sized rx/amp for these.

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