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    Default Multi Room Audio Setup - WHAT RECEIVER?

    I am building a new home and paid for the option to have multi-room audio system installed since my builder wouldn't allow me to do any pre-wiring myself. With that being said, I am looking to explain the system/speakers that are installed in the house already, and then try to figure out what receiver I need to use to power the system based on my needs....

    THE SYSTEM already installed in the house: 5-room audio system, all terminating into the same location in the family room where the receiver will go. Each of the five rooms consists of an independent volume control that controls 2 in-ceiling speakers. Note - the family room where the wires are terminated (and note I may be mis-using "terminated" here) simply takes all the wires down to a simple audio plug in. By that I mean there isn't a bundle of speaker wires running to the family room, it is rather a simple plug in that will go to/from the receiver that I purchase to power the system. (may be red/white wires, I'm not sure as we haven't moved in yet)

    is to figure out what type of receiver/amp I will need to purchase - including specs for channels, power, etc. I should say that I don't need this system to be as powerful as a rock concert, but I do want good sound quality and definitely want to have enough power to be safe and not have to worry about my receiver burning up. I do NOT care about multiple zones though, I will actually plan on all speakers playing from the same source at all times. Another important note is that this will be pretty much for music only - not movies and theater style audio. Also a side note that may be worth me mentioning is that one of the 5 rooms in the existing system is outdoors so I wouldn't mind those having a little more power so they have the ability to have sound reach into the yard.

    Could I please get some tips and advice on what type of receiver/amp I need to purchase to safely powe this system? I don't want to spend a fortune on a receiver and amp if I don't have to so please let me know. I consider myself to be very well educated on most electronics but AV receivers (especially for multi room audio) is just something I'm not too familiar with and it seems quite complicated. Any and all advice is VERY MUCH appreciated - thanks in advance!!!


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    1st you'll need a decent recvr, I'd recommend a Pioneer Elite, with Zone 2&3 capabilities. If the family room is where you'll be setting up an HT, then you'll want a rcvr with these traits.
    Second, you'll need a Multi-zone amplifier, that can handle upto ??? however many rooms your feeding. The last time I looked into it, they came as 4 zone and 6 zone capable, which will feed either 8 or 12 speakers in stereo.
    How this would work: Main zone on the AVR(audio-video recvr) would be for the HT room. Zone 2 would feed the multizone amp. Zone 3 could be for feeding another ampliifier for anything not covered by the multizone.
    Without knowing your exact needs, and how many rooms you want to feed, it's a little hard to steer you in the right direction.
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    Check out the NUVO amps....I've installed a few of these systems,very reliable equipment. They have one for any app!

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    After thinking about your comments below, I searched for the system that I believe is being installed. I think it is this Lyric 4-room system but I added an additional room:

    I'm 95% sure this is it, and it all runs to an "enclosure". It says that the volume control powers the speakers but I'm sure not very much wattage. Assuming this is the system installed, do I need any special receiver, or just a simple one that will allow me to choose my input (cd, ipod, etc.)? Should I consider power ratings and high quality receivers / amps to power this system? Any futher help is MUCH APPRECIATED!

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