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Thread: RTi4 vs RTi6

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    Default RTi4 vs RTi6

    I have a chance to pick up a set of new RTi6's for $199. I an using RTi4 's right now for the surrounds. Would the upgrade be worth it. I 'M ussing RTi10 as fronts. Thanks for any advice.

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    Just my opinion, but $199 seems a little high considering the RTi6s were going at Newegg for $130-$150 last summer. I paid $75 for a used pair last year off local CL.

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    It may be a little high in the US but I'm in Canada and it seemed like a good price here.

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    I don't see WHAT you would gain by having a SLIGHTLY larger driver with the same tweeter in the 6s if you are only going to use them as SURROUNDS!

    Don't bother. Use the money for more important upgrades. I doubt you'll hear much of a difference because the surrounds are usually crossed over at 80hz and the Rti-4s can handle that range as well as the Rti-6s!

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    Not worth it in my humble opinion. Like cnh said, save the money for a more important upgrade.
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