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    Default LS70's and CS350

    I don't see any love here for the LS70 speakers so I thought I'd post my first love right here.. The LS70's were my first pair of high end speakers before I decided to buy some Monitor Audio 9i speakers years later.. The 70's have been used in my parents home along with the CS350 center channel for many years and still sound great to this day.. Sorry, didn't know how to rotate the photos here.. Oh well, crappy pics are better then none..
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    I enjoyed my time with them. They were well worth the $40 I paid.
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    $40.00??? Wow, that's a huge bargain D! That's got to be one for the records here.

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    I love my 70s which is great because this makes me think ill be even happier down the road!

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    The LS 70's were my first high-end speakers. Swapped them a week later for the 90's; still got them and the CS 350.

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    I bought my new in 1995. Several years ago I replaced the drivers and tweeters but they still didn't sound quited right. The highs were a little distorted. I replaced the caps with Sonicap equivilents and then actually sounded better than new. The best thing I ever did to them though is hook them up to a tube amp. They work really well with an EL34 type amp. Recently I went with a 6550 based amp (Cary SLA-70B) and I've yet to determine whether or not it was worth the price. But FWIW, I really like them. I heard some people state they were a little bass heavy, but I've never really ever noticed that.
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    Polk Audio LS70's

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    I tweaked a pair of LS90s and have them in my office with tube pre and amp. I love the sound they produce. It took some time to get them positioned right as the bass was over powering but I was rewarded with trial and error.

    I have a post somewhere here on the tweaks I performed, caps, resistors, dynamat and spikes.
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    I've had both. Enjoyed both of them immensely. Still own the 90's. For 2 channel listening, no sub is required. I did end up upgrading the 350 with the 400i. I preferred the 400i slightly over the 350. There's also the fx-1000's to round out the HT setup. I just switched back to bipole mode for a change of pace. I imagine I'll keep this setup until I downsize in a few years.
    Fronts - LS-90
    Center - CS-400i
    Sides - FX-1000
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