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    Default New SDA2s - Setup & Amp Qs

    Hi All,

    Tried (and bought) my first pair of speakers yesterday off Craigslist after a very long search spanning from Ohms, to PSBs, to BWs. These SDAs are, just, WOW!

    Now I've got them home, and... that's it. I'm a complete neophyte and after reading the forums I've got a laundry list of questions. I travel for work M - Th and only have a few hours this weekend to set these up, so your answers will decide whether these go online this weekend or next weekend.

    Speakers: Polk SDA2, with the interconnect wire
    Receiver: Yamaha CR-220
    Turntable: Rotel RP-2300
    Other: Eventually, an iPod
    Amp: S--t. I need one of those?
    Speaker wire: Best Buy generic brand

    1. If I screw up setting these up, will I destroy the speakers permanently?
    2. Where can I find an SDA2 user manual / owner's manual? Found one post, but I needed to have posted 25 times to read it, so... alternates would be great!
    3. Amps:
    - What's a starter common ground amp that could be found at Best Buy or Target? Or, if there are no good options there, TigerDirect?
    - Is there a thread around that covers what to look for if Craigslisting it?
    - Budget is hopefully $50 - $100 for new or used. Do amps make such a difference I should try for a good deal on a used one?
    4. Wiring:
    - Speaker wire runs from speaker to receiver, positive to positive, negative to negative? (apologies if this is COMPLETELY WRONG)
    - Does the type of speaker wire matter?
    - Interconnect cable goes from speaker to speaker
    5. Placement:
    - One speaker will have a wall behind it, but no side wall. The other speaker will have half of a wall behind it and side wall 5' away. What effect will this have on the sound?
    - Alternate placement: rear wall for both, one will be 3 - 5" from the side wall, the other will be about 1' from the side wall
    - Is there a better option between the two?
    6. What else would you consider when setting these up?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    Threads/Websites I've referenced:
    Wiring Schematics:
    Another New Polk Owner:
    Common Ground Amp Info:
    SDA Alignment:
    User Manuals:

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    welcome to the forum.

    maybe here

    there is an SDA II manual here. read the compendium for tons of info!

    and if you like to tweak ...

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    Welcome to Club Polk lots of SDA owners here. above is a link to the owners mannual get your read on. I have ran 2B's with recievers and AVR's but nothing does the job like a Amp. look for an Adcom or a Parasound. You wont be finding them at B-Buy or Target. Check craigslist or some pawnshops. I take from your screen name you are from Wisconsin there are quite a few members here from there so perhaps a fellow statesman from the forum will help you find what you are needing. Enjoy your SDA's.

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    Thanks, great links!

    Noyez: good guess, I'm in Wisconsin during the week and in DC on the weekends. If you haven't seen the honey badger video on YouTube, tho, you've got to check it out.

    So, we're saying I can hook these up directly to the receiver and play them without an amp. Just want to make absolutely sure, the manual's comments about blowing fuses has me a bit cautious.

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