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Thread: Zimmerman

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    I made the mistake of reading these posts and as a result my opinion of otherwise savvy music types has plummeted. Some of the comments are really beyond reason.

    It's the mindset of a country where there is an abnormal obsession with firearms and not just for
    hunting and the denigration of minorities be it racial or cultural. In some states people are allowed
    to carry them in churches of all places which I would have thought is the last place a religious
    person would carry a gun. Now some states want teachers to have them. What happens when
    a teacher has a bad day and opens fire in a classroom? Given the law of averages that will happen. This hasn't always been the case!

    This phenomenon is recent, since the 1990s. According to statistics there is an average of 32,000 deaths by firearms in the U.S. every year. Since Newtown when all of those children were shot
    there have been 6,100 some suicides but mainly homicides. Mr. Martin was another statistic of that aforementioned obsession. An individual shot because someone felt empowered because
    they had a gun. There is no question but that Mr. Zimmerman wouldn't have got out of his car and followed the individual if he hadn't had a weapon which gave him that sense of empowerment.
    Without the gun none of the events of that night would have happened. If people feel compelled
    to comment on social issues at least try to be constructive. That's what this thread should be
    about and not the usual conservative minority bashing postings of some on here.

    Ideally these forums should really be about music, period and that's what Polk should enforce.
    There are plenty of social commentary websites where people can post their intolerant remarks.
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