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    Default Furthur concert tonight in Cooperstown

    I will be going to Cooperstown today to see Furthur and am really looking forward to the show.

    I have heard that Furthur's recent shows (they played the last 3 days in Brooklyn, Holmdel, NJ, and Philadelphia) have been really good and that Bobby is sounding great and is over whatever physical (or other) issues he had a few months ago.

    I plan on leaving soon and spending the day walking around Cooperstown prior to the show. It is such a lovely village and even more beautiful if one is a baseball fan (which I am).

    I will post a review of the show tomorrow.

    I hope everyone has a great Sunday!
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    Furthur was great last night. The setlist was amazing (see below) and the band played superbly, especially Bob Weir, who had some health (or other) issues a few months ago but who is on the top of his game again and seems to want to prove to all that he is back.

    It was a fantastic night in Cooperstown. My wife and I (who is not a big Grateful Dead fan, ha) got to Cooperstown 5 hours early to enjoy the day (beautiful, just a 10 minute light rain at the start of the show) and walk around Cooperstown and the Shakedown Street make-shift market/camp of Deadhead vendors selling everything from tie-dye shirts to posters and photos and veggie burritos and beer and cocktails (whole coconut with rum, for example). It was a great time just walking around and soaking it all in.

    And the show really impressed. Furthur is definitely more than a GD cover band a la Dark Star Orchestra. Although it will never be the same without Jerry, the band was on fire and played superbly and it really felt like a GD show. In fact, I went to some GD shows in the 1980s which sounded a lot worse then Further did last night, haaa. Furthur really jammed. They played some incredible songs; definitely one of the best setlists I have seen on the recent tour. The highlight for me was Dark Star - Terrapin Station and Bertha - Gloria. I had never heard Dark Star live and really wanted to hear that. I was just about in heaven when they played it toward the start of the 2nd set.! It was incredible and was exactly what I expected - a long jam of transcendent music. They went directly from Dark Star dinto Terrapin Station. Terrapin Station is another song I had never heard live and, to be honest, it is not one of my favorite songs as it tends to go on too long but, in a live setting, it was incredible - definitely one of those songs much better heard live. Another highlight was when Bob played to the local setting and put a Casey at the Bat inside of Cumberland Blues. That was cool.

    Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. I really enjoyed it. It is the first time I have seen Furthur and I'd definitely see them again and recommend them to any GD fans. Even my wife had a great time which was a surprise because it is not her type of music. But she had fun and especially liked the version of Gloria they did!

    Here is the setlist:

    Set One
    Music Never Stopped
    Shakey Ground
    Foolish Heart
    Big River
    Pride of Cucamonga
    Black Throated Wind
    West LA Fadeaway
    Casey Jones

    Set Two
    Cumberland Blues
    Casey at Bat
    Cumberland Blues
    Dark Star
    Terrapin Station
    Standing On The Moon

    Encore: Samson and Delilah

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    I was at the show in Port Chester when Bobby collapsed on stage. Sounds like you saw a better show...
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    nspindel, I remember the video link you posted of Bobby collapsing when you saw him in Port Chester. That was a shame and it definitely sounded like that show was a bust from the beginning. Last night's show was full of energy and great playing all around.

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