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    Default Saw my first Avanti today!

    In the flesh even, looks pretty modern which i thought was strange as i didn't know these were still being made..or are they?? Sorry about my lousy cell phone pics
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    Nice find! My next door neighbors had a Studebaker Avanti back in the early to mid 60's. It was a fine automobile. If it's an authentic Studebaker Avanti, they are pretty rare, especially the convertible. There were only 4,643 examples of the Studebaker Avanti produced.
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    They had several incantations, according to wiki. The last one made, left the factory in Mexico in 2007.
    Definitely DIFFERENT looking, that's for sure.
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    That is definitely not one of the originals.
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    The Avanti was a very cool car; the styling of the original (ca. 1963) really and truly was timeless.
    The company that made them from the time Studebaker moved to Canada until... when? The 1990s (oh, 2007?! hard to believe, actually)? ... at any rate, the Avanti company (or whatever it was called) did re-do their styling very, very late in the production run. Not sure why, after several decades with no cosmetic changes, but so it goes.

    There is a very, very late model Avanti (dark blue convertible) that lives (or works) in the next town over from us. I see it parked regularly on the main street of said town (Ayer, MA) very often.
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    Some of the older ones had a X frame and was built very nicely. They had the V8 engines. And the inside had the wood grain that was so PURDY. They are quite the vehicle
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    I used to see them pretty often in the city growing up (60's). At the time I had no idea they were the finely crafted items they were.

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    The example pictured by the op is really nothing more than a "kit-car", and a far cry from what an Avanti was. The bones used for this one come from the Ford Mustang
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