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    Unhappy Crest 9001 amp problem


    Last mounth i bought a crest 9001 amp..
    We used it and the sound was amazing!!!However yesterday i set up my soundsystem and the amp act strange..
    This is the problem: when i open 1 channel the amp plays louder then the 2 channels open.. if i close 1 channel while playing u can here the bass going louder.. if i open the 2de channel again the bass goes down..
    I tryed to play stereo and mono nothing make's a diffrence.. anyone has any cleu what this could be as i spend a lot of €'s on that second handed amp

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    That's a balanced input amp. Tell us about what you're driving it with and about the cables and connections used if converting from unbalanced.

    Also, it has switching for modes on the amp. How do you have it set?

    As seen on the AVS forum... "Radio Shack zip cord kicks butt."

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