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    Question 50W enough for db6750?

    Does anyone know if 50W from an MTX amp per channel would be enough to power the db6750 component set well? I read in a newsgroup post that 50W would not be enough.


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    I would consider it to be the minimum. Im running 40 watts to my MMC690s and its enough but thats it. I will eventually upgrade to a higher end, non-budget amp and will get something in the 70-80 watt range. To a point, more power doesnt necessarily mean louder. Some speakers need a little more grunt to make them work better. Give them too little and youll never get the full potential they have to offer. Its like buying a Corvette and just driving it to the grocery store on the weekends. Youre missing a lot!

    I would say use the MTX for now and it wont hurt them, but start saving your pennies for a 75-100 watt amp in the future. It will bring out the best your speakers have to offer and youll be short changing yourself until you do.

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