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Thread: I am lost---

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    Default I am lost---

    quite some time ago, (maybe 6 months?) there was a fellow polkie giving away lengths of interconnect cable
    to use to build your own with whatever rca connecters you wished to use. he even offered to help with the
    build, and there were a number of recommendations posted regarding what rca connectors to use. I've done a search
    and can't find the post. I also know I had saved it, and of course now can't find it. I am hoping someone can help
    me with this. thanks.
    "The symbol is not the reality"

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    west bend, wi.


    yee hah!! I did find it. I had created a desktop icon for the thread, and internet explorer had changed it. anyway, it was "zingo" in November of 2012.
    "The symbol is not the reality"

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