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    Default Using different kinds of cable to each speaker

    I've been using a set of Monster cables that I got when I purchased the amplifier (Yamaha AX 492) more than 10 years ago. I don't know the gauge, but they are probably fairly thick. They come with plugs for bi-wiring and a thick shielding. The speakers are Boston VR M60.

    With the new arrangement we are envisioning in the living room, the right speaker will be a bit too far from the amp for the current cable to reach it (these cables are not very long).

    My question is. What happens if I just replace the cable to the right speaker with regular 16 gauge cable, while keeping the old cable for the left speaker? Are there any major problems in using different kinds of cable?

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    Nothing bad happens as long as you don't value soundstage, fine detail and response being matched.

    If you're just playing movies or something and don't really care about audio, then I'd say go for it.

    As seen on the AVS forum... "Radio Shack zip cord kicks butt."

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    You'd have a slightly different sound from each speaker doing it that way. If your into cheap, go to home depot and get a roll of standard 14ga wire and run new stuff to both speakers.

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    The longer cable should be as heavy as the shorter cable (or better yet, heavier).
    It's highly unlikely that you could detect any difference.

    You could just add a short jumper length of cable.

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