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    Default Raconteurs at Montreux blu ray: anyone seen it?

    I own it and I think it sounds terrific. I'm not viewing /listening to it with a system that's anywhere near audiophile-grade by any stretch of the imagination. But I like to think that the set-up I have lends me the ability to make objective summations about the listening material.

    I read a comment somewhere on the internet complaining that the audio sounded "compressed" and was generally not impressive at all. The blu ray's DTS-MA is lossless after all, so the term "compressed" does not immediately come to mind when I think of the quality of the audio track.

    So, has anyone else seen this show on blu ray? Your thoughts are appreciated.

    Denon AVR 3312CI
    Monitor 70s 30s CS2

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    I have it.
    Great stuff!!

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    Saw them live a couple times, they rocked! Will have to check this out.

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