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    Default SACD-SHM Break In Period For Better Sound

    Thought I'd revive this question that had some mileage on here a few years ago. Do SACDs, in particular SHM versions, sound better after being played multiple times? I've been looking at picking up Steely Dan's Aja SACD-SHM, and have heard that about this one, that it gets better after 10+ plays. Wondering what you folks on CP that have experience with these discs think today. If so, I have no idea what the science is behind it. Or is it one of those things I'm better off not knowing HOW it works, just that it does? Kinda like shut-up and enjoy the show as it were. Any thoughts pro or con?

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    This should be interesting. I have personally noticed no difference whatsoever.

    In search of accurate reproduction of music. Real sound is my reference and while perfection may not be attainable? If I chase it, I might just catch excellence.

    The best way to enjoy digital music reproduction is to never listen to good analogue reproduction.

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    Well, as one who has dropped beau coup coin on power cables, interconnects, speaker cables, and power conditioners because of an improvement in sound from those items, I am not going to rule it out. However, at this point, I suspect the change in humidity will have a bigger effect on sound than playing an SACD 10 times.

    Personally, my SHM SACDs go so long between playing that I would be hard pressed to have an accurate memory of how it sounded the last time. On the other hand, this gave me a reason to play Exile On Main Street tonight.

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