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    Default DXi124 DVC Burn in time?

    I have heard that burning in ya subs makes them sound better if you do it over time, but i for one am kinda optimistic about this whole burn in time process.
    I once bought a pair of CrossFire DB DVC subs and did not burn them in at all and they sounded great from day 1, and the sub i have now i cranked up to 27/35 and it sounded like it was beating like a new / old sub!
    So is it important to burn them in and honestly i am one that even wonders what is the burning in process really because like i said ive never done it so im a lil curious even though ive been into car audio for 20+ years!

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    Well Polk Audio responded to my Facebook thread.
    Polk Audio We usually recommend 40 to 50 hours played at a moderate level to loosen up the driver’s suspension.
    Alpine CDA-7863 HU
    Alpine MRP-M240 50x4 F&R amp
    Alpine MRV-M450 Sub Amp (2ohms)
    Polk Audio DXi124 DVC (2ohms)
    Alpine SPS-510 x4 F&R Speakers
    Alpine CHA-S604 6 disk CD-Changer

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