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    New home went under contract about 2 weeks ago. Decided to go with the Lake Wylie area, since I really loved the area. Home is being built by Ryland Homes. Decided to go with the Oakwood Model E. Made the down payment, and have everything locked in. Also finished up the visit to the Design Center, where you pick all your cool little options. I added the gourmet kitchen with stainless apppliances, hardwood floors, coffered ceilings, study room, screened back porch, trey ceilings, upgraded bathrooms with tile floors in each and more stuff. House came up to $312,000 after all said and done.

    Heres a cool link

    Next week the packing phase begins which will suck. Since I have the HT room and solar panels in my current home I was able to get $4000 a month for rent on the Japanese market, so it will definitely pay my mortgage stateside. I appreciate all the support Polkies.
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    Nice choice and very reasonably priced. I just can't believe how much cheaper it is to build down South? Try getting those prices in the NE Metro areas. No way!

    Have fun!

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    ^^^^you are absolutely right on that one. If only......

    Congrats on the new home. She looks like she'll be a beaut!

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    Very nice home! Congrats and good luck!

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