Bill Flannery worked for Sunfire (Bob Carver) for many years, in fact he's the only one currently doing Sunfire repairs that has actually worked for Sunfire. Since Mr Carver closed his repair facility last August, ("Bob Carver's Audio Repair", formerly "Rita's Vintage Audio,") Bill has set up his own shop (with Mr. Carver's and Sunfire's full blessing) here in Lake Stevens WA and is now servicing all out of warranty Sunifre products. If you have a Sunfire Ultimate Receiver I or II, Theater Grand Processor III, IV or 5, a stereo or multi-channel amplifier, True subwoofer, MK-II, MK-IV or Signature plate amp that needs repair, updated or would just like to have it refreshed, you can contact Bill at 425 232 9560. If you call before 3 pm Monday through Friday Pacific Standard Time, please leave a message, thanks.