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    Hi everybody! It seems this is the most recent thread regarding the magnepan smga,
    so I poped in for some information.

    I own a pair of smga. Unfortunately the tweeter wires were not working, since they were corroded.

    I stripped them of and I am searching for the appropriate 34 ga or 0.16mm aluminum wire.
    Unfortunately it seems very difficult to find the original wire in Europe and
    magnepan does not have an email to contact them. So I would like if
    anybody has any suggestions about where I can find such a wire in Europe.


    1) It seems that some people have tried aluminum foil. Does anybody know the
    what are the appropriate sizes for the aluminun foil tape?

    2) Has anybody tried copper wire? Some people suggest the use of 36 ga or 0.13
    mm for copper to get 3.7 Ohms resistance (and more weight also which is not good
    for the tweeter)

    3) I prefer the mylar clean from this green sticky old adhesive Miloxane.
    I have some DAP to use with the new wire for a cleaner and more effective result.

    4) In the future I plan to change also the bass/mid 22 ga wire. Has anybody tried copper
    with the same resistance? Will the added weight of the copper instead of the lighter aluminum
    drive the speakers lower than the 50Hz?
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    From what i understand, copper is heavier and it will tend to deaden the sound because of its higher mass. I would stick with the aluminum.

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    If you're going to redo the entire lamination, its going to be VERY long and tedious. The old glue is fine in the areas where it isn't peeling. Mine had no tweeter issues outside of a blown fuse in each, so I've got no clue about the best route for that.
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