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Thread: Panamax 5300PM

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    Thumbs up Panamax 5300PM

    I just recently bought my Panamax 5300 a couple weeks ago. I must say this thing is pretty cool. It has designated slots to plug in everything you could think of. I got to see this thing perform the other night when a bad storm came through and knocked out power for a few. When the power seemed to flicker the lights in the house, the electronics all stayed performing beautifully. Until it went out for good, that is, lol. I love the cable line conditioner capability as well. Also the TV picture quality and surround sound both definitely had improvements compared to just having them all plugged into a normal power strip. Compared to a normal or even higher quality power strip, this thing does NOT get hot or warm, for that matter, as opposed to most power strips. Plus I might as well say it... its pretty cool to watch the voltage meter and amperage meter fluctuate when in use. All in all I am a happy camper with my investment.
    SAMSUNG LCD--52", 240hz
    Panamax 5300PM--Power Conditioner
    CSIa6--Center Channel
    RTIa3--Front High Channels
    FXIa6-- Rear Channels
    Sony--3-way Tower Speakers (20yrs old)
    DSW pro 500--Subwoofer
    PIONEER 1021-K--7.1 Reciever
    My Own Custom Audioquest 14/4--Speaker Cables
    Audioquest--Cinnamon HDMI Cables

    eventually i will own the RTIa9's but for now im using20 year old sony 3way towers.

    Pioneer Elite 7.1 Receiver with pre-outs
    Emotiva XPA-3 Amplifier

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    Sounds great. How is the picture. How does it compare with your 52 Sammy.
    Main Family Room: Sony 46 LCD, Sony Blue Ray, Sony DVD/VCR combo,Onkyo TXNR 708, Parasound 5250,
    Polk SDS-SRS with mods, CSI 5 center + Klipsch SC2, Polk RT2000P rears, Klipsch KG 1.5's sides, Polk Micro Pro 1000, Polk Micro Pro 2000, Polk SW505, Belkin PF60, Signal Cable Classics,Monster IC's, 2 15 amp circuits & 1 20 amp circuit.

    Living Room: Belkin PF60, Parasound HCA2200, MIT ProlineEXP balanced IC's,Emotiva XDA-1 DAC/Pre,Emotiva ERC2 transport,MIT AVT2, Polk LSI 9's.

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    I have one of those, although I recently replaced it with a Shunyata Hydra AV. My only complaint is that the meter lights would not turn completely off. I complained to Panamax, and I believe that has been fixed on newer models. Before I had my panel upgraded I had a breaker going bad. I was watching the voltage fluctuate, and once it hit the minimum value the Panamax shut everything down. It is a good power conditioner.

    Last week I broke my Shunyata Triton in the two chanel system and I put the 5300 in its place. My Pass x600.5 amps draw a little over 7 amps while idle. I assume the amp meter is accurate.

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