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    Mar 2011
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    Default HT Speaker Upgrade - Bring Up The Heavy Artillery!!

    Well I finally took the plunge and purchased some additional Polks to bolster my existing inventory.

    In addition to three complete RT5000 systems plus miscellaneous spare components (really have about 3.5 RT5000 systems), I have added a new system............

    The Polk SRT (In Excellent Condition)
    • 2 Front SRT Subs + Satellites
    • SRT Center Speaker
    • SRT Control Box (mint condition minus the remote).

    Got one heck of a deal on the SRT's too (too good to turn down).

    But man are these suckers heavy!!

    I about popped a nut moving them into my house this past weekend.

    Will post pics later......
    POLK AUDIO SRT (Signature Reference Theater)
    Pioneer Elite SC-09TX AVR
    Pioneer Elite BDP-09FD Blu-Ray
    Pioneer Elite BDP-33FD Blu-Ray (Region-Free)
    Custom HTPC w/Multi-Lane SATA Hot-Swapable Drive RAID Tower

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    Jan 2012


    Way to go!

    Boston A400,VR950, DefTech BP10,, Klipsch Forte,KSP-400,KSF-C5,RF3,RC3.
    JBL L20t,L80t3, EPI 20+,T/E 280, Polk 4,4.5,5A,7C, KEF Coda III, Yamaha NS-690, Genesis 3+.
    SUB:Deftech PF15TL+, DCM TB1010, Velodyne VA08BVX10. Pre: HK AP2500. Amps: BB175, Adcom GFA-535,555II, Rotel RB-990BX.

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    I want to watch a movie at your house.
    Sources: Pro-ject 2.9 wood Grado Gold cartridge; Oppo BDP-105; Amps: Anthem Integrated 225; PS Audio GCPH Speakers: Polk - LSi15's (sub mod)

    Amps: Sony - STR-DG1000; Outlaw 200 Mono; B&K Reference 200.2; Speakers: Polk - CS2, Monitor 70's, RC80i's; Video: Optoma HD20; FAVI HD-100

    Man Cave
    Sources: Sony PS-LX410, Denon 3910; Amps: Dared sl2000a, HK 3490, Simaudio Moon LP3; Speakers: Polk - SDA 2A's

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    Central NC


    Congrats! I'd love to hear that system.
    "Science is suppose to explain observations not dismiss them as impossible" - Norm on AA; 2.3TL's w/sonicaps/mills, polyswitches removed, Lg Solen inductors, RD-0198's, MW's dynamatted, Armaflex speaker gaskets, H-nuts, brass spikes, Cardas CCGR BP's, upgraded IC Cable, Black Hole Damping Sheet strips installed on back wall behind MW's & Tweeters, interior of cabinets sealed, AI-1 interface with 1000VA A-L transformer

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    Dec 2009


    Ever since I saw a listing for one of those SRT systems its been on my mind to try it out

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    Quote Originally Posted by polkfarmboy View Post
    Ever since I saw a listing for one of those SRT systems its been on my mind to try it out
    Please don't. They're already on the endangered species list.
    Usher CP-6311, Shuguang S200MK, Shuguang S845MK, Pioneer BDP-51fd, Essence Audio HDACC, Douglas IC's, Douglas Alpha bi-wire SC's, Pangea/Douglas PC's, Epson 8100

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    Along the Eastern shore of Lake Michigan


    You're gonna need seat belts on your couch.
    Main Family Room: Sony 46 LCD, Sony Blue Ray, Sony DVD/VCR combo,Onkyo TXNR 708, Parasound 5250,
    Polk SDS-SRS with mods, CSI 5 center + Klipsch SC2, Polk RT2000P rears, Klipsch KG 1.5's sides, Polk Micro Pro 1000, Polk Micro Pro 2000, Polk SW505, Belkin PF60, Signal Cable Classics,Monster IC's, 2 15 amp circuits & 1 20 amp circuit.

    Living Room: Belkin PF60, Parasound HCA2200, MIT ProlineEXP balanced IC's,Emotiva XDA-1 DAC/Pre,Emotiva ERC2 transport,MIT AVT2, Polk LSI 9's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DSkip View Post
    Please don't. They're already on the endangered species list.
    It's better to burn out, than poop your pants

    CDM 1NT; B&W CDM CNT; Parasound HCA-1000a; Infinity us 1; Velodyne DEQ-8 x2; Pio Elite VSX-23; Sony SCD-CE595 SACD, Marantz CD5001, [/COLOR]

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