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    Default Plug Big Sub into Surge protector?


    I just bought a new sub .... Paradigm's big Sub 1 and am concerned for its safety in the case of a surge. Would there be any performance detriment if I plugged it into my Monster Powercenter to give it surge protection? I only had a couple of outlets left, this one is for AV receivers (audio filtered). I am thinking those outlets are likely just 'snake oil' labels so that it shouldnt matter which one I plug it into but am mostly wondering about the above question of having the sub somehow being limited by the Monster Power Center.

    Any thoughts? I recall vaguely at one point seeing one outlet sub specific sub surge protectors ... Thanks ahead of time for any non-pseudoscience answers.


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    We lost power in 2008 for over a week due to an "ice storm". In this middle of this, my gernerator malfunctioned and sent a surge through my house. All kinds of stuff got fried. A coffee maker, my microwave, my electric dog fence, my water softener, and more. All of my home theater was plugged into a Monster surgre protector. The surgre protector got fried and smelled of burnt electronics, but all of my home theater stuff was fine.

    That sold me. I didn't plug anything back in until I bought another identical surge protector.

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