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    Default marine speaker not working


    Got Clarion CMD7 HU and POLK Speakers and POLK AMP D5000.5 from 2012

    Only one set of speakers now working on port side of boat. Checked connections into back of speakers and all ok.

    Any other ideas, can it be probably be with AMP? SUB WOOFER WORKING OK

    Are there fuses for speakers or maybe loose speaker wires into AMP?
    Checked fade, balance etc on HU

    Any help apprciated


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    Hello laurie8888,
    Welcome to Polk's forum, sorry there's a problem. Probably the first thing to try is swapping out the right and left audio cables that go from the head unit to the amplifier. If the problem changes channels then the problem is with the head unit, if it remains in the same channel then try swapping the speaker wires at the amp, left for right. Here again, if the problem changes channels then the problem is with the amplifier. If the problem stays in the same channel then either the speaker wire itself or the speakers have a problem.
    If it seems to be a Polk product contact Polk's CS department on Monday at or via telephone at: 1-800-377-7655.
    Regards, Ken

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