Gday all.

I have just imported RC85i/RC80i combo.

They are all in the ceiling and sound sweet. Bass is low-ish, but that was my expectations for in-ceiling.

Questions are:

1. I have batts insulation in the ceiling - should I put this over the speakers;
2. Should I try and build an enclosure around the speakers in the ceiling - there is a lot of dust and stuff up there - should they be protected?;
3. What centre should I get - I was looking at the 255c-RT - is this the go?; and
4. I intend to buy a sub.

The front and rears are about 2.5m apart from one another, and there is about 4 metres between the front and rear speakers. The front speakers have their tweeter facing the listener, while the rears are close to the back wall, and those tweeters face the rear walls.

Hope this is not too much to ask. The sound is beautiful and spatial. I am using a Yammie HTR-6065 receiver.

Your knowledge is appreciated.