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    Count me schooled then, I wasn't aware they did. Not picking a fight over it either, I just didn't realize some phones did. So spank me....well, not you persay but if any good looking women want to enforce punishment, I'll keep making mistakes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyb View Post
    I did a trial of both Spotify and Rhapsody about 3 years ago. Couldn't tell the difference in SQ between the 2 and Spotify had less music/artist than Rhapsody at the time. Also the drop outs from Spotify was just annoying as hell. Maybe they've changed ? I dunno, but they seem to be spotty on reliability still judging by user reviews. No pun intended there.
    I only just tried Spotify this summer and switched immediately. So maybe they've improved their game a bit. I like mostly indie music and was able to find fairly obscure bands on Spotify but not on Rhapsody. Like rohitharsh I mainly use the streaming service to try music out before buying the CD or DL.
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    I'm a fan of Spotify - enjoy the fact that its integrated into my marantz receiver

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