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    Default DAC Cable Question

    I'm new to all this audio stuff and I just picked up a pair of new M60's. I also just ordered a HK 3480 stereo amp online. I'm just playing cds through a cd player and an old receiver my dad had lying around. I want to be able to play music from my computer through my HK 3480. This FiiO D3 DAC seems like it would be good enough for my needs, The only thing is I can't figure out what kind of cable I would need to hook it up to my computer. A usb A to B? Like this, Or something else? The optical in jack looks like a different shape than the end of the usb A to B cable. I would really appreciate any help or advice! Thanks!

    I cannot figure out what cable I need for the life of me! I need one from my usb on my computer to the optical on the D3 Dac (is optical and spdif the same thing?).

    Also, does anyone have a link for a double male to male RCA cable? I can't seem to find one.
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    It says it works with any source having a Toslink or digital coax output. So you need one of those two. Offhand the coax is probably the better of the two, especially for a $30 dollar DAC. They probably didn't use the best optical to electrical circuitry.

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