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    Default Rant and ticked at myself DSD

    I made a mistake and waited to upgrade my W4S dac2 for the DSD upgrade. When the DSD upgrade first came out, it was priced at what I thought was reasonable $349. A few months later it's now $495. I did email W4s and they said it wound up costing more to do the upgrade than expected. I am ticked at myself for not jumping on it when they first offered it!

    I understand they didn't realize how much it cost to begin with but, it's just a little bit hard for me to swallow!

    Thanks for reading my rant. Just needed to get that off of my chest.

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    Bummer, worthy of a rant. I read the upgrade page. I see a USB module with galvanic isolation is added. The ESS Sabre DAC chip already does DSD with some slight remapping of input. Their module upgrade increases resolution to 32bit 384KHz. I had that on a USB module group buy for $60, it does I2S and DSD. You would have to know more details as to the why. Is it their design, OEM supplier, etc.
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    "due to additional costs involved (that were late additions) which included various upgraded assemblies we had to raise the price " I understand and hey they need to make money to stay in business but, from 350 to 495 is a big jump. I am kicking myself for not doing it earlier.

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    Bummer for sure.

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