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    Default Selecting the right center speaker

    I am currently having a yamaha amp RXV671 driving 2 floor standing speakers polk audio TSi 500. Since i am not able to hear most of the dialogues i plan to buy a center speaker. I am currently looking at 2 options. One is the CS20 which pairs with TSi500. The other option is going for a CSiA6 as it has far better reviews.
    Can you suggest if i can go for the CSiA6.

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    The A6 might be over kill for you and isn't timber matched to the fronts so you may hear some slight differences. Might I add before you go down this road, have you adjusted the settings in the receiver ? Are you not using a center channel now ? If so, did you tell the receiver that ? If you are using a center channel, have you adjusted the center speaker levels ?

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    Welcome to CP, and congrats on the speakers!

    Your assessment is correct: the CS20 matches better, but the CSiA6 is the better overall speaker. I don't think you'll know which you like better until you listen to them for yourself. Personally, I'd go with the matching speaker.

    How satisfied are you with the TSi500's? If you're looking for better performance overall, one option would be to sell to 500's, and go with A7's and an A6.

    edit: and yes, listen to Tony. If you are not using a center channel speaker, make sure the center channel in the receiver is set to "off" or "none".

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