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    Default Selecting the right center speaker

    I am currently having a yamaha amp RXV671 driving 2 floor standing speakers polk audio TSi 500. Since i am not able to hear most of the dialogues i plan to buy a center speaker. I am currently looking at 2 options. One is the CS20 which pairs with TSi500. The other option is going for a CSiA6 as it has far better reviews.
    Can you suggest if i can go for the CSiA6.

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    You already posted this... and I already responded...

    Source 1: PC
    Source 2: Rega Apollo CDP
    USB > SPDIF Converter: Stello U3
    DAC: Audio GD NFB-7
    Preamp: Audio Research LS-15
    Power Amp: BAT VK-500
    Speakers: Magnepan 3.7's


    Source 1: HTPC
    Source 2: Oppo 103
    Pre/Pro: Marantz av8003
    Power Amp: Rotel RMB-1095
    Fronts: LSiM-705's
    Center: LSiM-704c
    Surrounds: LSiM-702's
    Subs: Dual SVS PC12-NSD's

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    According to that bit of info they don't seem to be a match.
    Full 5 channel set of Polk Audio
    Fronts - LSiM 705
    Center - LSiM 706c
    Sides - LSiM 703
    Mits WD-82842 82" DLP 3DTV
    Denon AVR-3313CI Receiver
    Emotiva stealth DC-1
    Emotiva XPA-2/Fronts XPA-3 Center-surrounds
    Oppo 103

    Loving the new Family! :)

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