So right now I have JM Labs Focal 716S and matching center. Polk MC80 rears mounted in the ceiling, and a PSW150 subwoofer.

I asked last night in another thread about a certain accommodation program that has since been deleted about using 3 RTi-A7s for the front stage.

Here is the setup:

Media room, 16 ft long x 14ft wide x 12 ft ceilings. I have an LG LCoS 1080p projector going up when the Elite Screens 120" comes this week (I hope it's not too big).
I am replacing my Aquos 650 70" LED, and removing the entertainment center completely. There is a closet in the rear left of the room that is perfect for a rack and it will probably be vented to the garage.
Sound treatments will likely be coming in the form of panels of suede on the walls and velour drapes left and right of the screen (also will hide some cables dropped from the moulding).

Equipment I can pick from:
Pioneer Elite SC-35 / SC-1222k
Pioneer Elite BDP-05FD / PS3
Rotel RMB-1095 / RMB-1075 / Carver Signature 200x5
Xbox 360
LG AF115 LCoS 1080p Projector with dynamic iris (1saleaday special)
Acer REVO htpc

Projector will be wall mounted in rear top - it will make it easier to run wiring/power as I only have to pass through one wall to the main closet.

The room for some reason was wired with the 4 main speakers in the ceiling at the four corners. For surround that's fine, but for the fronts it's terrible. Should I hook them up anyways and use them from front effect?
I'm going to run the cabling out of the closet into the crown moulding as it's hollow to the front of the room and drop it down the wall into a wall plate that I can use banana plugs for the main 3 speakers. As such I can run another set of cables to the rear or mid sides for the side channels if wanted. What would you do?

I am thinking of replacing all the main speakers (not the in walls). I have my eyes on RTi-A7's or RTi-A9's for the front stage. I was thinking 3 RTi-A7's since they'd be matching, or 2 A9's and a single A7 (A9 is too tall I think to clear the chair rail).
Would this be an upgrade to the Focal's I have? I honestly don't know as I've never heard the RTi's but other than the RTi-70's I've been very lucky that Polk has never let me down. Also which of the gear would you use? While I like swapping things out - I'm getting lazy....err running out of time to tinker with the little one taking up most of my time. Priorities as you get older/have kids eh?

Wiring wise I'm going to Monoprice for 14ga in wall speaker wire. I will likely use the same wire to the speakers in front as the main runs in the wall are the same cable - using something better won't help (chain-weakest link theory).
This will purely be for HT - for 2 channel we can speak big bucks on the accessories.

I wanted the LSiM 703s + center but we all know how that went! :)

As usual - I appreciate the thoughts and comments.