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    Default Nakamichi SR 4A verses Rotel 990BX RC 990

    Nakamichi SR 4A receiver verses Rotel 990BX RC 990. Any reason soundwise to switch to the Nak? Thanks

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    Both are quite stout - probably sound the same.
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    The Nak is pretty sweet and the first ( and best ) iteration of Nelson Pass' Stasis circuit. It will probably depend more on which one has 'aged' the best as the NAK, if it's still all original, is getting long in the tooth as it was built in the mid 80's. There will be a sticker on the back.

    If the Rotel separates are much newer they will probably sound better unless the Nak has been refurbed. It's just a fact that older gear won't sound great forever and can start to deteriorate slowly after 15-20 years.

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    The Rotels are from the early 90s 200 per channel v 60 Much as I like Rotel there is always a slight thiness to them. Not rich in other words We started caring the Nak right when I was changing to another company so I never tried one or even got to sell one.

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    Go for the Nak, it should give you the full bodied sound you desire. My thoughts are the same as yours, the Rotel gear from that era can sound thin and sometimes grainy. Some of the high end Rotel stuff and vintage Rotel may sound better.

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