I'm moving my TV over the fireplace and the wall it will be on only has space for the center. So, I'm going to be using in-ceiling for fronts and surrounds.

We do not have a need for super high-end speakers, but I do like to hear the voices well, so I'm not afraid to go high end on the center.

I was looking at the Rc80i's, but could not find a "matching" timbre center channel.

The only in-wall centers that looked decent were the 255c-LS and 255c-RT.

The RT center does timbre match with the RTi series, correct?

If so, I might get the 255c-RT and the 620-RT for the fronts and surrounds.

So, I guess my question is really - what would be better for this room 20x25 with 12' ceilings. I already have a 100W sub.

Should I get the RC80i's for fronts and surrounds along with the 255c-RT or go for the matching 620-RTs instead?