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    Question PSW125 differrence between music and movies

    I have a PSW125 with monitor 65T mains, 35b surrounds, and 15C center. They are powered by an Onkyo 818. I cannot seem to get the subwoofer to sound right. I blends in very nicely with moveis and TV, but when I play music though the system it kinda has an out of place thud sound. Especially with hip hop music. Is it normal to have o adjust subs for different type of music to sound right? During the audyssey cal it rumbled just fine and I adjusted it to 75db just fine, and it detected the sub fine. It is a prety large space and lots of hard surface for the moment. And yes (sighhh) its in the corner. I just wondered if anyone had any input on what I could do to make things sound better. Other than this little issue I love my setup. Thanks.

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    PSW125 is a fine sub, but more for movies, not for music. It could be bottoming out on some frequencies in the music, so you may have to dial its level down (the knob on the back) for your hip-hop listening. And definitely try to move it out of the corner. Closer to the corner = more bass, out of the corner = cleaner leaner sound.

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    Having it in the corner and lots of hard surfaces are working against you. Not to mention you said a large room, that sub is for a smaller to midsize room. Which means your probably cranking on the volume dial to get it to pressurize the room. Plus that sub is designed more so for movies than music.

    If your dead set on keeping that particular sub, pull it out of the corner, check your crossover settings, subwoofer speaker levels, and volume control. Your AVR may have separate settings available for music and movies that you can switch back and forth when needed. If you ran the auto calibration in the receiver, you still need to go back and tweek the settings. For a decent starting point, your crossover should be around 70-80, in the receiver, the one on the back of the sub should be turned to the highest value. Your subwoofer level should be at about +1 or+2 to start with. The volume level on the sub should be roughly in the 11 o'clock position. Adjust these to your liking from your listening position using the same track of music. Let us know how it works out for you.

    BTW, you may also want to check your speaker settings too while your at it.

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    ok thanks alot, I will modify my setup.

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