From1949 to 1969 helene hanff of new york, corresponded with a london used bookseller, buying many english literature titles she could not find in new york.

She became very good friends with the 7 people who worked in the small shop,although they never met, even sending them food packages because they were still under severe rationing of meat, eggs and such after the war.

She eventually published the collection of letters as a book, and in 87 this movie was made of it.

Hell it stars Anthony hopkins and Anne Bancroft, how bad could it be?

Im only about an hour into it on turner classic movies, so i dont know the full story, but helene keeps looking at a framed picture of a dashing navy man, with a loving inscription to her,Im thinking she lost him in the war as he looks a good bit younger than her.

Like i said, just a sweet true movie, which is enough to get through tonight.