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    Default Looking for help on replacing speakers

    My system,

    Polk Audio CS2 series II

    Polk Audio Monitor70 Series II

    Polk Audio Monitor30 Series II

    Polk Audio PSW505 12"

    Yamaha RX-V573BL 7.1

    Ok heres my Issue,
    I dont like how huge my monitor 70's are, they stick out way too far, they are very deep. If i could i would trade them for monitor30's.

    Is there anything i can buy to replace them with that will match my setup? The series is no longer made, so not sure if i should purchase used monitor 30's and sell the 70's, or possible trade them for something?

    Or is there something i can buy new that will match my setup?

    since the m70's are deep and pushed almost to the wall, does being so close to the wall affect the sound, like would m30's sound better possible if not so close to the wall?

    Also would replacing the monitor70's provide more power to my reciever? not too sure how much more they take but it seems like i have to crank the volume way up for alot of movies and didnt know if it was m70 related?
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