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    Default Center for Rti12's

    I've been reading the threads, mostly old about what center speaker to match to Rti12's

    I got the towers on boxing day for $350 for the pair after a bunch of bitching and moaning

    so not really in the market for a $400 center. Also not sure I have room for an Csia6.

    I had thought originally I would wait for a deal on a Csia4, smaller and the drivers are the same size as the top ones in my towers.

    I am finally going to figure this out and get one, should I still be sticking with an Csia6, Csi5, or Csia4.

    The newer Tsx150 TsiCS10 are out of the question right? Some have good reviews but won't match as well right?

    Also any leads on where to find a cheap one

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    I have the CSi5 with My RTi12's and is all good. Now dont know were are you located and if you can find one by now but Frys has the CSi5 for $99.00 and that's is a deal.

    AMP- Parasound 2125, Adcom 585
    Mains for HT and some Music- RTi12s
    Main for Music only- Linn Keilidh or Usher V-601 and SDA 1C
    PreAmp for Music: Cary AE-3
    Rear- RTi8s
    Sub-JBL L8400P 12"
    Player- Oppo BDP-103
    TT: Looking for a new one.
    Phono Pre-Amp: BBE FJB-200X

    Bedroom rig:
    Pionner Elite VSX-30
    Onkyo CS-5VL SACD Player
    Polk Audio LS70
    Hunting for a sub...

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    I also run the Csi5 and I think that's your best bet. It'll sound better than the Csi3/a4 and match better than the Csia6 if you're concerned with them matching.
    Theater Room: Pioneer Elite SC-35, RTi12's, Csi5, Fxi5's, Fxi3's, ED A5-350 sub, Optoma HD20, 92'' Elite Screen, Xbox One, APC H15, MIT Exp 2 SC's, Pepster PC's

    Living Room: Martin Logan EM ESL's, Peachtree Audio iNova, MIT AVT2 SC's & IC's, Pepster PC, Sharp Aquos 60'', Sony BDP S-790, Airport Express

    Bedroom: Panasonic AX200U projector, 110" screen

    Outdoor: Polk Atrium 5's, Yamaha Rxv371

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    Default thanks

    I am in Canada, I see most Fry's with them in stock are in California

    Seeing if the one girl I know there can drive into San Diego and hook me up.

    Guess a couple Rti'6's would complete the whole package for another $99

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    I have some on hold in Oxnard California but my friend can't get there before the store closes, anyone else wants them ill send you
    The quote number

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