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    Default Which speaker would be the best for Rear and Rear Surround

    Here are my choices. If you want to see where they go click here:
    1. Fxi-a6 - Would be on wall but sticks out at least 8 5/8" into the theater space
    2. 265-RT - Would be in wall with a painted grill or in a fake column
    3. 80F/X-RT - Would be in wall with a painted grill or in a fake column
    4. TC-80i - Would be in ceiling

    From a sound quality perspective can you guys help me out. Maybe rank them or give me advice on how they would sound. The only ones I sort of have experience with is the TC-80i/ I am using 4 in ceiling now for my family room theater. I love the way it sounds but I want the Home theater to be the best.


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    Denon 3808ci Receiver
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    Polk RTi-a7 (fronts)
    Polk CSi-a6 (Center)
    Polk TC-60i (Rear & Surround Rear)
    HSU Research VTF3-MK4 (Sub)
    Logitech Harmony 900 (Remote)

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    I don't have any experiance with the others but the A6's were designed for this application and they work very well.
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    Two Channel
    Oppo 105D BAT VK-500 w/BatPack SDA SRS 2.3 Dreadnought Squeezebox Touch Apple TV

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    All options work and work well. I like In walls for surrounds as they make for a clean Install. It's pure myth that In walls or In ceilings don't sound good.
    Dipolar and Bipolar speakers are a solution speaker to a age old problem. They are not designed for Dolby Digital or DTS and beyond. They are designed for Dolby pro logic to give a larger sound field out of mono channels. yes you can use them in todays setups but nothing sounds better then direct firing surround speakers especially when placement is correct.

    I prefer In wall over In ceiling depending on placement but I have done many In ceiling systems in theater rooms that sounded amazing.
    My personal quest is to save to world of bad audio, one thread at a time.

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    It's not home, the N.W. will do for now


    My experience is limited on your list.

    I've only used Monitors; 30, 40 and 70 in the "side" surround position as far as bookshelves and towers go. Once I put the FXiA6 in place, all else paled in comparison.
    Draggn' knee is exhilarating, 150mph wheel standers are pretty cool too

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    Grado RS2i

    2 Ch Rig
    First purchase will be; a pair of ? but I'd love a pair of SDA SRS

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    I'm using FxiA4, is amazing surround...
    |Front: Polk RtiA7|Center: Polk CsiA4|Side: Polk FxiA4|Back: Wharfedale WH2|Sub: Wharfedale SW150|
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    |TV: LG 3D 55LM6700|Console: PS3 Slim 120Gb|

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