New to the BB and first post. Lets start by saying I am pursuing a love from my teens and 20's I could not afford at that time. Now much later in life prices have dropped and income has increased :)

I want a pair of SDA SRS. Years ago I demoed them in a local hifi shop (Mr Toads, Asheville NC) and was blown away. I have been a Infinity person for years and have/had several sets. But I am wanting some Polks now.

Setup will be 2 channel in a large space. Room is a living/dining/kitchen and appox 28ft square with high ceilings. Speakers on both sides of equipment, approx 8-10ft apart.

What I can power them with (now) NAD 7400. Specs 100wc at 8ohm and switchable to 4ohm. All Lit's say NAD's rating are conservatives. Its a bridgeable receiver but I have no interest in such as I dont want to burn the house down ;) Plus it seems a bit troublsome

pdf's here http://nadelectronics.com/products/h...tereo-Receiver

1) which set SDA's should I look for in my search. I have found some 2.3 but not sure I got enough umph even at 4 ohms to drive them. I do have space for that size (and smaller) FYI
2) Being that I can drive 4 or 8 ohms, based on the suggested set, which setting to drive them (switchable on rear)