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Thread: RTia3 Question

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    Default RTia3 Question

    My current set-up is RTi4s as fronts, CSi3 center, PSW505 sub, whatever the dude who built the house put in the ceiling for the rear channels and a Denon AVR-1913.

    I'm getting a new TV so I was thinking about moving the RTi4s and center to another room with the old TV and upgrading to RTia3s and a CSia4 center in my primary television viewing and music listening area.

    My concern is that the bookshelf in which the fronts will be placed is only 15" deep. I read somewhere that the RTia3s sound a bit off if there isn't some space between the speaker and wall. With the RTi4s I only have a few inches of space between the speaker and the wall but I've always been very happy with the sound. I don't want to upgrade the speakers and downgrade the sound. Any risk of that or, even if the set up is not ideal, would it still be an improvement?

    If I don't upgrade the speakers I'll probably just pick up the TSi100s and CS10 center for the old TV and save a few hundred bucks. Thanks.

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    I'm using the A3's for my rear surrounds, and the mounting plate for them is flush with the power port at the bottom of the speaker so I don't know if they require a lot of space behinf them. I have never played with this though.
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