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Thread: JBL warranty

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    Default JBL warranty

    I have hade my JBL sub for a few months now and I think I blew it and I cant find my warranty card and I was just woundering if they will replace it?? Any one now what the warranty for JBL Subs is??

    Thanx Jbone

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    first off...if you bought it from a major store, they might have your receipt in a computer somewhere JBL

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    PBD being lazy


    talking to jbl on the phone is like putting your privates in a meat grinder...

    you sit on hold for about 2 hours and then u have to push just the right buttons or else u end up talking to somebody in Ah-buh-dabi...

    then, when u finally get a customer service rep, they are shocked that you got through to them, and this startles them, since normally they talk to no one all day... and they don't really know anything anyway, so they're very confused, and all they can tell you is, "um, 90 days... um... we don't fix things... take it to the store".

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