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    Default does Polk have an 8" stereo speaker?

    The SC6s and RC6s are both only 6". I want to add them to places in my house that are far away from the sub, so I'm a little worried about bass. Is there an 8" version of these?

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    I'm not familiar with in ceiling/wall speakers, but I would assume the vast majority if people considering these types of speakers would be looking for the smallest size possible to fit their needs.

    There are quite a few robust subs out there in small packages. I would look at SVS sealed boxes ( which they refer to as compact) or something from Velodyne. Those guys can get some pretty good bass out of a small package. That would be the direction I would lean too, and not worry about the others trying to produce good bass.

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    Don't know about the current production, but last generation had some 8" versions. Scour the website and see what past products they had. Someone somewhere is bound to still have some nib.
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