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    Default Psw 1000 vs paradigm servo 15: Which one hits lower hz?

    Good morning,
    i have been contemplating replacing my psw1000 with the paradigm servo 15 (version 1) since i came up on a good deal on it. My question is, how much deeper and how different will the sound be with the paradigm 15 inch sub? What should i expect? i have never owned a 15 inch sub..
    any feedback would be appreciated :)

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    from Stereophile:
    But those interested in auditioning the Servo-15 should first try it with high-quality dynamic main/satellite speakers before using it with dipole panel speakers like the Quads. Despite the Servo-15's superb engineering and excellent pitch definition, its comparative lack of bass slam, inability to expand the Quad's dynamic range, and lack of quick bass transient performance in my large listening room were disappointing.

    From what I read, the v2 is a lot better than the v1... The weight difference for an update is pretty big... 75 lbs vs 115 lbs...

    So if you are currently happy with the Polk, I'd stick with it... The Paradigm seems to be a let down...

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    im just a little confused with the polk psw1000 placement and settings. I am using the lfe input which is supposed to bypass alot of the settings on the subwoofer. however, things like phase and 80hz or full range are not really well explainted in the manual so i am not sure how to answer these questions..

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